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Hypnobirthing Weight loss Love  Your  Birth Weight loss

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Weight loss FEARS AND PHOBIAS Fears   and Phobias

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Change Negative Thought Patterns and

Change Your Life For Good

Weight lossWeight LossWeight  Management

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Weight loss STOP SMOKING Kick the habit With just ONE session

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What to expect in a session change your life

Sessions will begin with a discussion, we will talk about what it is you’re after, your problem and what you’d like to gain from mind focused hypnotherapy. Together we’ll look at the issue, how you experience it and how it affects your life. Next, we’ll work towards a personal treatment programme, tailored to you and your individual experience.

The number of sessions you need is personalised to you and what you’re needing from the sessions. You may get what you need after just 1 session, while others may need 3, 4, 6 or 10 sessions.

Many people think of hypnosis as the on stage entertainment or something that is completely out of their control. Comedy stage hypnosis has nothing to do with clinical hypnotherapy; take what you see on television with a generous pinch of salt. The client is entirely in control - the professional is merely there as a guide. Hypnosis is definitely not a state of mind control. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. The therapy offered combines hypnotherapy with many other techniques to help you.

Here are a few of the typical benefits from hypnotherapy:

• Enhance your self-esteem & confidence.

• Overcome and let go of phobias and fears.

• Release your fears and having freedom from them.

• Learn to feel happy and enjoy life.

• Be in total control of your own life.

• Let go of addictions or other unwanted habits.

I can help put an end to those negative behaviours that are affecting your life.


Initial Consultation               £15

Therapy Session                  £65

Stop Smoking                    £220

Weight Management           £260

Hypnobirthing                    £280


As with any medical or therapeutic process there can be no definite guarantees. No surgeon will or can guarantee their work and results. This is no different for our therapy programmes. You will be required to be 100% committed & motivated, in return we guarantee we will do our best to help you.

Initial Consultation

with no obligation to have any treatment

The initial consultation is designed to give us a chance to meet and discuss your needs and we will assess what you want to achieve, how life skills can help you and to answer any questions you may have. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn how I can help you to succeed in making those changes you desire.

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