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About Maxine

Maxine Chambers, Dip.hyp. I.S.C.H. Adv.hip C.B.H. M.F.H

Maxine is the founder of Mind Focused Hypnotherapy after years of treating thousands of clients with hypnotherapy Maxine has adopted her own methods of treating people which have amazing results.  Maxine has been running a very successful practice for many years and she has now taken the next step to teach people her very own techniques which is unique to Mind Focused Hypnotherapy. Within Maxine's work she combines Mindfulness Talking Therapy with Hypnotherapy this combination approach can help reduce and alleviate a broad range of presenting issues.

Maxine is passionate about the positive benefits that Mind Focused therapies can bring to people’s lives. She is warm, compassionate and an understanding professional. Maxine offers you a safe, holistic and confidential service. Her aims are to help you make positive and lasting changes to your current difficulties you may be facing.

Maxine’s therapy sessions can be the quickest and easiest way to help you achieve your desired goals and make amazing changes, so that you can enjoy the life you truly deserve. My focus is on working with you to achieve positive goals and outcomes quickly and with ease.  

Maxine is passionate about using our natural abilities to overcome difficulties in our lives to create a healthier, happier and enjoyable life. We all have this ability and her therapy sessions are an excellent example of using our inner thoughts and feelings to drive the changes we want to make.

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