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‘Had my final session of hypnotherapy with Maxine today and I can hand on my heart say its the best thing I ever did for myself after suffering with panic attacks and anxiety for over 10 years.  These unwanted feelings are now non existent and I can be free to live the life I want to live.  Maxine is warm, caring and sympathetic and I would recommended her to anyone.  Absolutely first class service.  Thank you so much I wish I’d done it sooner’ Name:- Helena Cherrill

“As always Maxine offers a professional service supported by a clear and an understanding nature. I have been far more relaxed of recent with the ability to review issues placed in front of me, approaching areas of home and work life in a different perspective.  This therapy is excellent, no other words for it”   Name:- Darren Bailey

“Hypnotherapy helped me stay relaxed and focused during a very stressful time of my life which is why I had it, I would highly recommend this therapy from Maxine, it worked well for me”.   Name:- Rachel Henderson

“Maxine has helped me so much, I would highly recommend anyone with any issues to go for treatments, It has changed my life! Quite literally - changes jobs, improved relationship. It’s just awesome”.   Initials:- SBR

“So surprised that in such a short time it has changed my approach to myself, to how I think about myself and my abilities, I feel like a worthy person and that means a lot!  I felt very safe to be open about my feelings with no judgement.  Thank you !!!”

 Name:- Efun Coker

“Maxine was immediately welcoming upon my arrival. I have never had hypnotherapy before and this was a wonderful first experience, when the treatment started she exuded a calm and relaxing aura which allowed me to relax. I will definitely go back to Maxine for future treatments”  Name:- Aimee Bright

“I have found this therapy extremely useful, I have learnt so much about myself, my behaviour and how to control it, you have been brilliant Maxine thank you so much” Initials:- KR

“I have achieved my ultimate goal of being able to swim underwater so that I can enjoy having fun with my grandchildren, I will defiantly keep telling people about how much hypnotherapy has helped me” Name:- Elaine Ashurst

‘I found the sessions relaxing and Maxine was friendly and easy to talk to.  I also like how the science behind hypnotherapy was explained to help understand how it would work.  I loved doing this and it has had such an impact on my life’ Name:- Lianne Spencer

‘I enjoyed hypnotherapy and the way it has made me re evaluate some areas of my life, a very good experience with a great therapist’ Initials:- NB

‘Maxine is amazing. I’m so glad I discovered hypnotherapy. The relaxation and the knowledge that I can let go and enjoy the experience.  Totally stopped smoking !’

 Name Marie Morris

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